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Best Practices for Homepage Design

← blog ⋅ Karen Chow ⋅ August 3 2017

Here’s a question we are often asked: “Are there best practices for homepage design?”

Yes, there are, although they may not seem related to design at first. Before you download the latest website theme or hire a designer, it’s essential to spend some time on your content strategy.

Set your goals

Even if you think you know your goals, it’s a good idea to review them with your team.

Surface what’s important

As your organization grows, you won’t be able to put everything on one long scrolling page. How will your users navigate a multipage site?

Let the content flow

Your homepage should encourage users to explore further.

Redesign your content

A redesign is not just about refreshing visuals. It should also involve a content audit. Don’t just copy everything over from your outdated 2011 website—this is the ideal time to make improvements.

To sum up: For good homepage design, start with content. Your content should always be aligned with your goals. Good design is based on good strategy. What are your tips for homepage design?

Tags: Content strategy, Design, News
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