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In the money

XBTO is one of the world’s largest and most diversified leaders in cryptofinance—the world of blockchain, Bitcoin, and the like. This cutting-edge field is, in short, an exciting place to be, so when we were approached to offer our expertise for XBTO’s website, we were more than happy to oblige.

Plan of ATTCK

Before meeting with XBTO, we were first approached Moving Brands, a digital-first branding agency whose roster of clients includes humble startups like Google, Apple, and Facebook. Moving Brands had provided the designs for XBTO’s website and needed some help on the development side.

Apart from adding support for advanced motion graphics, we created an elaborate series of forms, which we custom-styled using a WordPress plugin called Contact Form 7. Users can provide contact information, select options from dropdown menus—Who I am, Location, Reason for your enquiry—and add any additional details in a field titled How can we help?

XBTO. OTC trading page
XBTO assets management page

Line of work

XBTO wanted their website to feature a stylish, stylized timeline that would show milestones in the company’s history. Using jQuery, we implemented a custom timeline component that’s scrollable and, as a matter of course, responsive to all browsers and devices. The finished product displays flawlessly on everything from the iPhone 5 up to widescreen TV.

XBTO Timeline on desktop and mobile. ATTCK case study


To showcase their international growth, XBTO asked us to create an interactive map displaying each of their locations. We built a customized, inverted heatmap with hotspots that pop up individually as users scroll down the page. When a hotspot’s selected, a slick animation shows contact information for the given site.

To be continued

Our relationships with our clients are at the heart of our business, and we consider it a benchmark of success when we’re asked to collaborate on further projects. Since the launch of XBTO.com, we’ve continued to work directly with both XBTO and Moving Brands, and we’re eager to continue our work in the emerging field of cryptocurrency.

XBTO-honeycomb pattern
Gary Gertz
Sarah Quigley Oka Tai-Lee