Tucker Technology

On-demand app for installation and maintenance

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The challenge

Tucker Technology, a telecommunications company whose services include cell site installation and maintenance, needed to replace the decentralized system they were using to dispatch technicians to sites. We proposed a responsive web app.

tucker-technician-roof. ATTCK case study. Tucker Technology
tucker-team-2. Tucker Technology. ATTCK case study

User experience design

To identify pain points and opportunities for improvement, we drafted user flows. These were the mobile goals for technicians:

  • Accept or decline a job
  • See upcoming jobs
  • Check into a site using a ticket number
  • Leave notes for tasks after completing a job

We also recommended integration with SMS and Google Calendar for future phases of the project. Based on our exploration, we created sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes.

tucker-admin user experience. ATTCK case study
tucker technology wireframes. ATTCK case study

Central intelligence

Our complete system unified all previous analog systems into one seamless experience. From job dispatch and completion percentage reporting to billing, invoicing, and issue tracking to a real-time, on-demand mobile app, Tucker Technology is now poised for scalable growth.

For future expansion, we also included support for multiple franchise offices, complete with per-office user access control and accounting.

The finished product is a custom-tailored, full-featured, streamlined business workflow application.

Gary Gertz Miranda Cavanagh
Oka Tai-Lee Dennis Plucinik
Masahiro Naruse Karen Chow