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Times Square's latest addition is the height of luxury

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Setting the stage

It takes a lot to stand out in Times Square. It takes a lot more to redefine it.

Meet TSX Broadway, the $2.5 billion, 46-story, LED-encrusted tower set to soar over the heart of New York—and the 350,000 people who pass through it every day. A landmarked Broadway theater, luxury hotel, and 75,000 square feet of experiential retail space will all be included when the building opens in 2021. Not to mention an 18,000-square-foot wraparound sign with a built-in, year-round stage. A first for Times Square.

TSX Broadway will be nothing if not extravagant. Its website and sales tools needed to be flawless.

Plan of ATTCK

To help with TSX Broadway’s marketing efforts, ATTCK entered into a strategic, highly collaborative partnership with the award-winning team at ad agency QuallsBenson. Together, we tackled two separate projects: the building’s public-facing website, TSXBroadway.com, and a bespoke tool to help salespeople connect with potential tenants.

When we approached both projects, it only seemed fitting to take our design cues from Times Square itself—namely its constant movement and its famed glittering lights. This theme begins on the homepage of TSXBroadway.com, which features an auto-play background video taken from way up at TSX, showcasing the building’s impressive view of the roving crowds and megawatt signage below. Like nearly all of the website’s features, the video loads seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway's website on laptop
TSX Broadway home page gif in ATTCK.com case study
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway home page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway theater page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway quick facts page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway Times Square page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway The building page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway buzz page layout
ATTCK case study. TSX Broadway's website seen on mobile devices
TSX Broadway - terrace

Bringing design to light

Click the menu bar on the left and you’ll notice that the links appear in dark gray, barely visible. Suddenly, as if on a flashing billboard, they light up in bright red and white. This CSS transition, built with JavaScript and more, might sound flashy, but if you blink you might miss it. The effect takes an instant and doesn’t hog the spotlight. More a wink than a stare.

The LED lights of Times Square—not to mention the 18,000 square feet of them on TSX’s trademark sign—provided their own source of inspiration. We took the concept of pixels and scaled it up, making the letters in the site’s headlines act like their own individual LEDs. The words fade in, but not all at once. Rather, they flicker in, letter by letter. The effect is subtle but packs a punch.

Efficiency as a luxury

We’re particularly proud of the work we did for TSX Broadway’s internal, proprietary sales tool, which allows designated salespeople to prepare customized “suites,” or packaged offerings, for potential tenants, drawing from a library of prebuilt assets including renderings, videos, floor plans, elevation plans, and more.

Once the presentations are ready, they’re presented to prospective tenants in the form of a lightning-fast progressive web app—no internet connection needed after first click—on their very own iPad, shipped to them directly. Nothing less for customers on the A+ list.

Versatile viewing

The suites needed to be accessible on any browser, responsive to display device, and restricted to authorized users via a unique URL. And they needed to be user-friendly for non-tech-minded salespeople.

Check, check, check, check. All of this required using WordPress in novel ways. We modified it to expose a set of bootstrapped JSON data into the main page, and we used that bootstrapped JSON data to initialize a single-page React app.

TSX Broadway - shopping

Towering success

From a technical standpoint, the project turned out to be quite complex. From a user standpoint, it turned out to be awesome. TSX Broadway’s site and marketing tools offer an experience that, like the building itself, is utterly unique.

At ATTCK, we put our signature mark on everything we create. Now TSX Broadway can leave its mark on Times Square, New York, and beyond.

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