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The Posters makes art accessible to everyone by producing affordable, museum-quality posters of works by established and emerging artists.

We designed and built their custom Shopify site from the ground up. Working directly with the company’s creative director, we refined the site’s functionality to deliver a stellar user experience, on time and on budget.

We also built an interactive micro-application to show related Twitter and Instagram posts, based on the hashtags entered in the Shopify admin interface for each product and artist.

The posters website on mobile devices
The posters website on desktop. Art page
The posters website. Shop page.

Posters are the collector’s gateway drug.

Adrian Rosenfeld


We used CodePen to deliver interactive design options and to give clients a chance to view and use the elements before they’re integrated into the site.

This process gives us the ability to iterate on individual components and continue making unrelated developments undisturbed.

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