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Web Development, Content Migration & SEO

The Internet Society (ISOC) is a global nonprofit organization, dedicated to supporting and promoting the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.


ISOC was approaching their 25th anniversary and wanted to acknowledge this milestone with… what else? A global website re-launch to be unveiled at upcoming conferences. We were happily tasked with making it something worth celebrating for anniversaries to come.

We partnered up with Moving Brands, whose job was to reimagine the design strategy. We were tasked with developing a robust infrastructure in which a renewed digital identity could thrive.


The site was vast and voluminous. It contained a diverse array of content including resources, news, blog content, grants, awards, and events. So, our first order of business was to migrate everything over to a new author-friendly platform. Before implementing the existing content, we combed through it, took a step back, and re-established their information hierarchy to be more navigable and digestible for viewers.

Because ISOC is global, we integrated WPML—a multi-site, multi-language plug-in, so they could reach their entire audience and foster worldwide participation. In addition, we implemented our custom page authoring system, allowing clients the freedom to create and manage content on their own, anytime they like.

Since authors are often working in different time zones, we made it possible for them to pre-populate and pre-schedule content to suit their needs. We also integrated an array of hero images in which the nearest city background would appear. Finally, we allowed authors to set expiration dates on posts, so content would disappear on the desired date.


ISOC is a global organization that values openness and transparency. One of their requirements was multilanguage support.

Using the WPML plugin, we enabled our client to create and organize content in multiple languages, including those that read right-to-left. The URL structure, e.g.,, is dynamically generated based on the language.


We now faced our biggest challenge: Moving 50,000+ old posts, written in multiple languages, on a different platform, from a database using a different schema, into their neat and tidy new home. No sweat.

W3C logo

(WAI-AA, WCAG 2.0)

Considering the Internet Society’s mission and reputation, their site had to be built with WCAG Compliance. We also wrote up-to-date semantic HTML to help with readability by Google.


To celebrate the official website re-launch, the ATTCK team, along with ISOC members from all over the globe, gathered as partners over live video chat. In honor of the anniversary and success of our partnership, we all watched the site go live together, through the best way we know how: the internet.

Now, not only is ISOC’s website more streamlined but more importantly the editorial process is more seamless because of the added features. Authors have significantly more control over content and a larger editorial team is able to be involved with populating the site.



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