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Speed volunteering

We worked with our design partner Cloud Red to launch a new app – the first of its kind in the country – to make it easier for more Londoners to become volunteers.

Team London, the Mayor’s volunteering program for London, makes it quick and easy for Londoners to give their time, find volunteering opportunities and do great things for their city. Whether it’s cleaning up the environment or volunteering at one of the capital’s great events, Team London mobilizes the community spirit and enthusiasm of Londoners to make a difference.

  • Speed Volunteering is a great way to gain your first taste of volunteering.
  • Easily find and register for volunteering opportunities closest to you
  • Get your friends to join you
  • Find and connect with volunteer-involving organizations
  • Track and submit your volunteer hours with a swipe of a finger
  • Challenge yourself to a Speed Volunteering Challenge

London Wins European Volunteering Capital 2016 Award

The effort to get more Londoners volunteering is coordinated by Team London, a venture supported by Mayor Boris Johnson, and has thus far recruited around 130,000 volunteers via its website.

Adi Gaskell


We incorporated multiple third-party API integrations and a custom geolocation-based map implementation. The app is built on React Native so we can more cost-effectively incorporate Android into the client’s mobile strategy when the time comes.

As we start our year as the top city in Europe for volunteering, I urge Londoners to make it their New Year’s Resolution to join our volunteering revolution. Team London has created an incredible volunteering legacy for the capital, and through this new, free app, it is now easier than ever to use a little of your spare time to make the city an even better place to live in.

Boris Johnson
Mayor of London

Miranda Cavanagh
Chuck Nelson Arno Fortelny