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Investing in
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Founded by two successful stock traders, qplum is a wealth management company that leverages A.I.-powered technology to identify active investment opportunities and lower trading costs.

Fully equipped with a team of data scientists, engineers, and, of course, investment experts, they had the majority of their site’s back end set before approaching us to help develop the front end.

Plan of ATTCK

While we assisted with some Ruby on Rails development in the back end, our primary focus was to build out the main user interface screen.

In doing so, we allowed users to predictably see how stock indexes would perform with and without the use of qplum. Leveraging HighCharts, we created a single-page application in AngularJS, complete with a charting tool that predicts the financial progress of a stock product.

In addition, we helped integrate a two-factor authentication system, ensuring a high level of security and multiple ways to log in. One way, for example, is for users to receive a text message with a login code—upping the security another level.

Qplum's homepage. ATTCK case study.
Qplum plan invest engage page. ATTCK case study
Qplum, what we do for you page. ATTCK case study
Qplum graph page. ATTCK case study
Qplum investment page. ATTCK case study
qplum seen on mobile devices

Directing data and
upping protection

In the world of wealth management and investing, trust and security is everything. By showcasing data visualization in an intuitive manner, and by building a robust authentication system, our work on the back end granted qplum clients the utmost confidence and protection.

Miranda Cavanagh
Mike Cavaliere