Perch Harlem

Eco-friendly NYC passive house

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Finding a home in Harlem

Our client, Synapse Development Group, asked us to develop a digital display ad campaign that would draw interest as well as potential renters to this unique building, Perch Harlem.

Perch Harlem isn’t your ordinary kind of residence. As a part of Synapse Development Group, which specializes in following Passive House standards, it meets the highest requirements of energy efficiency, design, and functionality.

Plan of ATTCK

Rather than employing billboards or other signage, we leveraged a more modern and interactive approach, LinkNYC, New York’s free public Wi-Fi network.

We designed a series of digital banner ads to be displayed on the LinkNYC stations encircling Perch Harlem. Each featured graphics and iconography inspired by the building’s architecture and aesthetic—specifically its distinctive façade.

Perch Harlem display campaign map by ATTCK


Custom iconography inspired by the building’s architecture and aesthetic.

Custom icons for Perch by ATTCK

Façade-inspired pattern

Featured graphics inspired by the building’s architecture and aesthetic—specifically its notable façade.

ATTCK illustration for Perch building


By constricting the radius of the selected LinkNYC stations, running a few variations of the original digital ad, and increasing their frequency, we achieved our goal.

Traffic to the Perch Harlem website spiked tenfold, which led to a surge in inquiries from prospective tenants.

Our digital design also worked wonders by helping viewers identify the building with ease. From nearly every station, viewers could see the building itself and walk over to take a closer look.

Gary Gertz
Masahiro Naruse