Understated luxury living

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Making an impressive first impression

Proudly partnering with QuallsBenson, we were honored to showcase our craft on another beautiful luxury residence, The Olivia. It was a pleasure to give prospective renters an introduction to the understated elegance of its 36-story structure and its many elevated services and amenities—by way of an equally impressive website.

Plan of ATTCK

As with all of our websites, agnostic of category, we built the digital foundation of The Olivia on WordPress.

In general, when working on projects in the real estate sector, we use a variety of integrations, including RENTCafé, Nest I/O, and StreetEasy. In what’s typically best practice for us, we utilize Google Tag Manager to allow admins the flexibility to add and manage third-party scripts in real time. We also employ it to track ROI on ad spend as well as page views, clicks, and conversions across other associated mediums.

Olivia's website seen on mobile devices. Developed by ATTCK
Olivia's home page. Developed by ATTCK
Olivia contact page. Developed by ATTCK

Responsive images

Our layout platform provides automatic device-aware image support. Upload one high-res image, and the system automatically generates a variety of device-appropriate sizes.

We additionally enable focal point control, allowing editors to determine how an image scales and centers differently across portrait and landscape orientations.

Responsive images for Olivia. Developed by ATTCK

The ease of elegance

We wanted the easy elegance of the residence and its surroundings to be reflected in the navigation and functionality of its website. We believe we achieved just this in developing The Olivia’s digital identity.

Gary Gertz
Sarah Quigley Dennis Plucinik