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Newbrook Realty Group

Luxury Boston properties

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Well-presented real estate properties

Newbrook Realty Group helps people sell, buy, and rent luxury properties in and around the Boston area. Founder Samantha Stumpo has extensive experience matching people with their ideal homes. The site serves as a welcoming digital reflection of her motto, “To home style life.”

Plan of ATTCK

As we do with all of our real estate clients, we thoughtfully positioned and presented Newbrook’s properties and service offerings with expert precision.

Built on WordPress, the photo-driven website cleanly places Newbrook’s properties front and center. The price of each property is overlaid on the image to simplify and streamline the consumer experience. The vertical navigation of the site makes it easily scrollable on all devices.

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Newbrook real estate website on mobile. Developed by ATTCK

Cornering the digital real estate landscape

One of our strong suits is developing seamless, clean, and eye-catching websites tailored to the real estate sector. You could say brick and mortar is our digital bread and butter.


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