Evidence-based skincare for eczema

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Championing the power of normal

MetaDerm is an evidence-based natural treatment for eczema, made with a patented blend of 25 botanical ingredients. In clinical studies, response to MetaDerm was profound—with frequent, continued use, 89 percent of users saw dramatic improvement of their eczema symptoms. That means MetaDerm moisturizer works even better than leading prescription and OTC treatments for chronic or severe eczema—without the risk of side effects.

Our task wasn’t very difficult: simply increase business sevenfold. See? Simple.

Achieving this required a deep understanding of the company’s potential customers and their needs. We created customized landing pages for various personas based on their engagement level (new customer, repeat customer, etc.). We additionally built an integration with MailChimp that enabled highly personalized email correspondence.

Fundamentally changing the way a disease is treated can fundamentally change people’s lives.

Mike Centola, Ph.D.

70% bounce-rate reduction

Users received highly targeted messaging via Facebook Pixel retargeting, resulting in a dramatic drop in bounce rates—the percentage of people who only view one page before leaving the site. Other metrics contributed to this result, including improved load-time performance, which we prioritized. This allowed us to produce a lightning-fast experience with a completely custom content layout and navigation experience on Shopify Plus.

Miranda Cavanagh
Michelle Abrams