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Ever used Wi-Fi? Thank IEEE

The world’s largest association of technical professionals, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, develops global standards for a wide range of industries—everything from robotics and information technology to telecommunications and computer engineering. Home to 39 societies of specialists, each of them focused on a unique area of expertise, the organization’s IEEE 802.11 specifications are fundamental for wireless network products around the world.

Plan of ATTCK

Over the course of two years, IEEE engaged ATTCK in a number of different capacities, and we fulfilled a range of their digital needs and interfaced with numerous groups. We started with a complete overhaul of the Xplore interface. We then helped update the visual brand and logo for the Institute and performed a platform migration for their content blog, Spectrum.

IEEE's website seen on desktop
IEEE logo

Work on Xplore, IEEE’s digital library with a database drawn from the institute’s 100-plus peer-reviewed journals and hundreds of annual conferences, called for more extensive work. The site needed a new search interface—one that would allow users to limit their results with filters such as year of publication, author’s name, and so on.

We upgraded Xplore’s front-end architecture from a lesser-organized implementation of jQuery and basic CSS to an AngularJS-based, enterprise search component leveraging the existing API. This process was also guided by IEEE’s new visual design system and upgraded the JavaScript framework.

Spectrums website seen on desktop. ATTCK case study

We migrated Spectrum, a content blog advertising IEEE’s newsletters, from a third-party mobile display service onto a native WordPress service.

IEEE institute website seen on desktop. ATTCK case study
The institute logo

The Institute advertises IEEE membership as well as Xplore, its digital library. As part of this project, we rebranded the Institute’s logo and helped create a new brand style guide.

Multidisciplinary expertise

IEEE came to us with a wide variety of needs, and we navigated their complex corporate structure to support multiple business units­—and fulfill their expectations at every step of the way.

Others might shy away from such complex, multidisciplinary projects. We ATTCK.

Gary Gertz
Dennis Plucinik
Karen Chow