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WordPress Development


Greenpoint Landing is a large-scale, highly visible development in one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Among the latest and largest emerging properties east of Manhattan, it resides along a half-mile stretch of NYC’s East River Waterfront and consists of new housing, acres of public open space, a new public school, and local shops galore.

Residentially and commercially, this development is a big deal. So we were honored and excited to work with QuallsBenson to construct an equally engaging, stunning, and well-built website to bring it to life, digitally.


Our platform of choice is WordPress, and for good reason. Not only does it offer us the ability to create a site that’s robust, scalable, and streamlined, it most notably offers the capacity for high-volume traffic.

We use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to provide traffic and conversion data, as well as Crazy Egg for its superior heat-mapping capabilities. We also leverage a service called Raintank, which offers our client a third-party, external uptime monitoring service that immediately alerts our team of any site performance issues and downtime.


Awesome photos and renderings are a vital component of any real estate website. We provide our clients with embedded authoring tools for creating custom carousels that show off those high-quality photos and renders.


Our WordPress platform guarantees finely tuned mobile-first responsiveness in every website. With full-screen experiences like Greenpoint Landing, we styled elements relative to the viewport width, so all elements on the page (fonts, images, etc.) scale proportionally with the browser. Having the correct responsiveness strategy ensures that the site looks great on everything from the smallest mobile device to the largest widescreen monitor.


As proud as we are of the aesthetically pleasing design and navigation of the website, these things mean little unless they get the job done, and they do it extremely well.

For us, this project is a best-in-class example of a real estate website made for marketing and built for high-level functionality. We constructed this feature-filled formula, robust and secure, to serve as an enterprising tool we can adapt to future projects—digitally enhancing the world of brick and mortar from practically any device.


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