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Whether it’s affordable student housing or longer-term lodgings you’re looking for, FOUND has you covered. With a network of locations from Waikiki to Boston and beyond, FOUND offers unique accommodations at uniquely reasonable prices. When they came to us, they’d already created a website,, to advertise their short-term offerings. What they needed was three more supporting sites to expand their business: one for students (FOUND Study), one for renters (FOUND Residences), and one to serve as a central hub (FOUND Places).

Plan of ATTCK

Partnering with Los Angeles–based creative director and designer Polina Leytman, who executed the designs for the project, we set to work developing FOUND’s three new websites. First we leveraged WordPress, our content management system of choice, and integrated it with Google Tag Manager to provide detailed analytics. For the websites’ customized contact forms, we used the Contact Form 7 plugin, which features various spam-busting protection features. Now, thanks to WordPress’s user-friendly interface, our clients at FOUND are free to update all of their websites with new listings and more—no HTML or CSS expertise required.

Found's website seen on Multiple devices. Website by ATTCK

Multi-device support

To reach students, renters, and tenants alike, support for browsing on all devices is essential. As always, we placed responsive design at a premium. Following a mobile-first media query strategy, we began development with the smallest screen in mind, adding code as we incrementally scaled the site up. This strategy allows us to support specific display constraints on all devices, from the Apple Watch up to widescreen TV.

Straight to video

To greet visitors to the homepage of, we implemented a slick embedded video with a punchy three-word headline: Live. Study. Travel. Immediately after page load, various objects begin encircling a map of the United States: shoes, cameras, a teddy bear—even a briefcase embossed with the word FOUND. The video’s not just nifty—it’s informative too, displaying the company’s three branches along with a unifying statement: “A co-lifestyle network of places across the U.S. catering to the next generations of residents, students and explorers.”


“Wink” is a word you’ll often hear at our office. We use it to refer to the small and occasionally imperceptible details that elevate a simple experience into something more refined. They’re the signature touches that set our work apart. For, we implemented an elegant scroll bar that changes color—from pink to orange to blue—as it passes three landmarks on the page: FOUND Hotels, FOUND Residences, and FOUND Study.

Scroll-bar feature by ATTCK for FOUND. Gif by ATTCK
Line drawing of buildings for FOUND. ATTCK case study


Thanks to distinctive design touches and our keen development work, all of FOUND’s websites now form a unified whole—just the thing needed to take our client’s brand and propel it forward. As students, renters, and travelers now take advantage of the websites’ many offerings, we’re proud of the role we played in helping FOUND find its own digital home.

Gary Gertz