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Put your money where their mouth is

We were approached by our friends at to bring to life a concept they were envisioning. Frustrated by the negativity surrounding the reproductive rights debate, they sought to fight back in a way that would be constructive: to raise money for Planned Parenthood while shedding light on the lies being spread by the majority of Republican candidates.

The idea was to hold those who were attacking Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights accountable, by allowing people to pledge their support against the lies and slander of certain candidates. We created a site that allows users to support the cause by pledging directly to Planned Parenthood or by pledging against specific candidates.

The site showcases the amount pledged for each candidate and the amount pledged to the cause as a whole.

Development & launch

The technical challenges were interesting and fun. We needed to integrate WordPress with a third-party push API (ActBlue, the platform that processes the Planned Parenthood donations) and aggregate donation data for display on the website.

Picking the right hosting service was important: Shared hosting wouldn’t cut it performance-wise, and automated backups were crucial. In the end we went with WP Engine, one of the top WordPress hosts in the industry.

Also important was communication: We had never worked with ActBlue’s API before, and parts of it were undocumented, which introduced some risk. Active communication with the ActBlue team before and during the launch addressed those risks early on and ensured that the Defund Refund launch was a success.

Alexa Rosato
Mike Cavaliere