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The first thing that users see on is a man speaking truth to power.

A looping, full-screen video of Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in February 2018’s high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, shows him directly addressing President Donald Trump at the White House. Forceful and indignant, he leaves the president with these words: “How many schools, how many children have to get shot? It stops here with this administration and me. I’m not going to sleep until it’s fixed.”

Pollack has channeled his grief into action by founding the nonprofit advocacy group Americans for CLASS. The acronym presents the organization’s priorities: Children’s Lives and School Safety. With proposals for legislative reform, a commonsense and comprehensive strategic plan, and plans of action for both students and parents, Pollack had everything he needed to make waves and make change. Everything except a new and much-improved home on the web.


With a stable of clients including the United Nations, Robin Hood,and Common Good, ATTCK is no stranger to the philanthropic sector. We know what it takes to attract visitors—and to make those visitors become donors.

The original Americans for CLASS website offered abundant information but lacked an engaging, intuitive user interface. Unnecessary transition effects, poor text formatting, and confusing navigation controls—separate links to Donate and Shop led to the same page, and options like About Us and Who We Are were redundant—distracted from the organization’s message. Most importantly, calls to action for users to donate were either scant or absent altogether. Enter ATTCK.


Our team began by remapping and reorganizing the website’s navigation, content structure, and user workflows, paring the menu bar down to five straightforward items: Our Mission, News, Join Us, Shop, and—of course—Donate. No guesswork involved. We also brought our expertise to bear on the site’s SEO. On the back end, we used a high-performance WordPress install to enable Americans for CLASS to easily update the website with news articles, press releases, and more.

Donate buttons are now always within view—in a sticky nav, in the main header, in the footer—positioned strategically to avoid obscuring content. Together, the calls to action and the text convey a clear message: Visitor donations make change possible.

To prevent fraudulent activity, including the use of donation platforms to validate stolen credit cards, ATTCK chose to use Classy, a fully customizable donation acceptance service featuring both Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL security. Our websites may be groundbreaking, but when it comes to finances, ATTCK plays it safe.


On February 22, just over a week after the Parkland school shooting that took his daughter’s life, Andrew Pollack appeared at the White House, his three sons by his side, to deliver a four-minute address to the president. The video of his impassioned words quickly went viral, landing Pollack on multiple national news programs.

ATTCK felt his monologue said more than text on a screen ever could. That’s why Americans for CLASS’s homepage features his video front and center, full screen and on loop, with content overlaid on top. No compressed video window, no need to search around. Visitors can also view the video in full and in a separate window, if desired. Either way, it packs a punch.


As a special touch, ATTCK built a JavaScript component that allows text to fade in automatically as users scroll down any given page. This animation effect helps to guide the eye downward to what follows. If users stop scrolling and any text hasn’t yet faded in, it does so on its own within moments, preventing any content from being missed.


Americans for CLASS has emerged as a dynamic force for political and social change, and ATTCK is proud of the work it’s done to support its mission. The group’s website is now a testament to what’s possible when savvy citizens and savvy design come together.

Check it out. And donate.



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