72 W Lofts

Elevated living in Brooklyn

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Rising to the occasion

We teamed up with Independent Properties to produce digital and print marketing for this luxury Brooklyn apartment building, which features exclusive lofts with 10- to 15-foot ceilings. The building was still being renovated when we started work, and we helped design an identity for it that would ultimately drive the website design and print materials—and give realtors the language they needed to attract prospective customers.

Plan of ATTCK

We were called on to produce a complete marketing package, including both print and digital, and to even brand the name of the building itself—a name that would be both elegant and easy to articulate.

In addition, we provided creative direction on the photography and rendering shown on the website. The logo we designed is a subtle visual reflection of the loft’s signature elevated ceilings.

The website features extremely direct and intuitive site navigation, showcasing the client’s high-resolution renders, photographs, and floor plans.

Naming design

We created the building name “Seventy Two Willoughby” by first looking at the available block of addresses assigned to the building. We then chose the most elegant sounding number, 72, which also flowed smoothly from the shared place of articulation between the ending of “Two” and the beginning of “Willoughby.”

Firing on all cylinders

This project demonstrates our real estate expertise and technical capabilities on multiple levels. We had a hand in many aspects of the project and were ultimately able to achieve a clean, simple, user-friendly website.

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