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5 Arch Funding, a private mortgage company for residential investors, asked us to completely reimagine their home page as a central lead-generation source. The primary workflow for users involves applying for a loan, for which we leveraged SalesForce. Various other standard components—such as a contact form, image gallery, and blog—were designed and implemented as well.

The blog features a form on the right rail of both the blog landing page and blog detail pages. Email subscriptions were integrated through MailChimp. The blog contains search, archive, and category functionality. Disqus was implemented and styled to enable user commenting on the blog.

Salesforce integration

To achieve maximum lead-generation utility, we implemented a multipart loan application form that integrates directly into 5 Arch’s Salesforce account. This enables 5 Arch to reply far more quickly to pre-categorized potential customers.

Style guide

We produced a complete set of guidelines for future work carried out by our agency (and others). Included in our style guide are color group definitions and all text heading varieties, with atomic examples of contextual placement among various existing elements on the site. We also included a component index HTML file linking to each isolated element used on the site, allowing future developers all the information they might need to maintain a coherent look and feel.

Icon design

As we often do for our design engagements, we produced a custom set of iconography. These elements were produced as a final step in the design process, once we had an understanding of the balance and flow of the final page layout and visual design style. They are beautifully custom-tailored, providing an additional level of brand identity.


Additional work included the design and development of a geo-specific landing page template that 5 Arch could build out for their “fix-and-flip” and rental services.

Miranda Cavanagh
Masahiro Naruse Daniel Santos
Josh Compton