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If you build it…

In the heart of New York’s Financial District, just a short walk from the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street, stands 20 Broad. This 33-story residence, once home to the offices servicing the New York Stock Exchange, now houses over 500 luxury living units, complete with nine-foot ceilings and all the amenities befitting the jet set.

We’ve designed plenty of sites for real estate, and whenever we do, we aim to make the site worthy of the structure itself. 20 Broad gave us plenty to work with.

Good as gold

Proudly partnering with the award-winning team at ad agency QuallsBenson, we leveraged our experience to create a unique digital experience. For luxury real estate like this, it only seemed fitting to gild the edges. Literally. Every page on the site features a thin gold border framing the screen on all sides. Scroll to the bottom of the page, though, and you’ll notice a fine touch: The frame’s lower edge stops and hovers just above the footer. This helps to delineate the pages’ sections while also keeping everything neat and polished.

ATTCK case study. 20 Broad website on desktop

Screen time

As with all our projects, we placed responsive design at a premium. 20 Broad’s website displays flawlessly on all devices, from the iPhone 5 up to widescreen TV. Given the unique layouts and multiple carousel types used throughout the site, this was far from straightforward. Side-by-side photos and written content divide the screen in varying proportions rather than grids, complete with descending lines displaying the words 20 and FiDi (New Yorkers’ shorthand for Financial District).

ATTCK case study. Twenty Broad seen on mobile devices
ATTCK case study. Twenty Broad home page
ATTCK case study. Twenty Broad amenities page

Homeward bound

Any real estate site should offer interested clients a way to reach out. 20 Broad’s site includes an elegant form for users to provide their contact information as well as their desired residence type, move-in dates, and price range. For those who want to take it a step further, there’s also an application form, provided via API integration with Nestio. Just click the words Apply Now, which descend down the right side of the page’s golden frame.

ATTCK case study. Twenty Broad contact form

Sneak preview

While we were busy building 20BroadSt.com, we created a teaser site where potential tenants could provide contact information in the meantime. This allowed our client to generate leads—and gather valuable data—before the final site launched. The teaser didn’t just garner attention from renters, though. It earned accolades of its own: Special Kudos from CSS Design AwardsSite of the Day from CSS Nectar, and Featured Site of the Day from CSS Light.

gif created by ATTCK for twenty broad case study.
Twenty Broad street landing page seen on mobile devices. Developed by ATTCK

Special effects

We’re always on the lookout for subtle ways to enhance the brands on our websites. For 20 Broad, we built an accelerometer-based hologram effect that provided the kind of high-end polish offered by the building itself.

Hologram effect for 20 broad street by ATTCK

Built to last

We leveraged our content management system of choice, WordPress, to build 20 Broad’s site using our proprietary FLEX layout system. Why WordPress? Because it’s equipped with enough functionality for the most complex projects, and it’s the perfect platform for sites that are robust, scalable, and streamlined. WordPress also offers plenty of capacity for high-volume traffic. Most importantly, it offers us—and our clients—custom experiences that are remarkably easy to adapt.

Because of this site’s nonstandard layouts, we built custom layout components in WordPress to give our clients an enhanced authoring experience. Now they can update and modify content types as they see fit—no HTML or CSS expertise required. And thanks to FLEX, the process is more intuitive than ever, using a row-and-column paradigm and drag-and-drop functionality. This means less confusion and fewer costly errors. Our philosophy: We create sites, but our clients own them.

Taking up residence

Building digital homes for stately structures is a challenge we relish. For 20 Broad, we’re proud to say we’ve built a site that, like the building itself, can stand the test of time. Those with the interest and the means now have entrée to the Financial District’s finest, and anyone with a web browser can enjoy an elegant view from the inside.

Make yourself at home.

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