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WordPress Development & AWS


The Financial Solutions Lab is a community of startups, financial services companies and nonprofit organizations building solutions to improve the financial lives of Americans. The Financial Solutions Lab is managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation with founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Financial Solutions Lab is a program that seeks to identify, test and bring to scale promising innovations that help Americans increase savings, improve credit, and build assets.

ATTCK started our partnership with The Financial Solutions Lab on a small project to refresh the site to show off the 2016 winners. We ultimately ended up migrating the entire site, along with the parent site ( from a platform called Kentico, to our WordPress based editorial platform. We added the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for maximum performance and scalability.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting provides a plethora of hosting options. We employ a continuous integration server which, allows us to deploy code to staging and production servers with one click, error-free. This improves reliability, prevents trivial mistakes, and ultimately enhances security.


Measuring how visitors use the website and reporting that data back in a useful way is key for any site. Google Analytics can be integrated beyond the default page view reporting to capture data on the most popular navigation paths, entry and exit pages, and highly specific user events.

The data are presented in a user-specific configurable report highlighting important metrics such as how people convert via predefined goals. Insights from these reports can help determine the best strategy for future research, including subject matter, the method of delivery, and content marketing.


We are able to utilize high-performance caching via S3, which stores a compiled copy of each WordPress page as a flat-file, thereby removing load delays from access databases and building webpages dynamically. On top of this, Amazon’s global CDN, CloudFront allows users to access files from servers that are geographically closer to them, reducing latency even further.

During peak traffic, we use AWS Auto Scaling on EC2 instances to provide enough power to provide sustained performance. In even more performance critical applications, we leverage AWS Elastic Load Balancing which, distributes incoming page load requests across multiple servers.

ATTCK not only helped us improve the design of our website, but they’ve made our research more accessible, which was important to us. CFSI has a large library of publications tailored toward policy-makers, banks, credit unions, financial service providers, nonprofits, financial tech companies, media — and more. ATTCK implemented a new site architecture and cross-linking structure that makes it much easier for users find and engage with topics that matter to them most.

Laura Barger

Chief Marketing Officer, CFSI


The Financial Solutions Lab continues to award new and innovative companies. Our platform enables CFSI to independently operate their website and create content ass needed. ATTCK also is partnered in an ongoing maintenance and technical oversight relationship so CFSI doesn’t need to worry about handling server issues themselves.

We are proud to be working with CFSI and The Financial Solutions Lab and look forward to supporting them into the future.



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